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SafeOCS ISD Reporting

SafeOCS – Industry Safety Data Program

The Industry Safety Data (ISD) program, a component of BTS’s SafeOCS data sharing framework, provides a trusted, proactive means for the oil and gas industry to report sensitive and proprietary safety information, and to identify early warnings of safety problems by uncovering hidden at-risk conditions not previously exposed from analysis of reportable accidents and incidents. Through comprehensive analysis by professional statisticians and industry subject matter experts, the program allows the identification of trends or patterns before safety is compromised and provides a tool for continuous improvement by focusing on fixing impediments to safety.

BTS formed a Phase I Planning Team consisting of representatives from companies working in the Gulf of Mexico who expressed interest in participating as early implementers for the suggested enhancements to the SafeOCS program. This team discussed the type of data that should be submitted to ensure that data captured has appropriate learning value. The scope of data discussed includes incidents, near misses, stop work events, and associated metadata for the period from 2014 through 2017. The aggregated data will be reviewed and analyzed, and the results will be shared with the public in a report to be released no later than January 2019.

All companies working in the GOM are invited to join Phase II of this program which will incorporate enhancements learned from the Phase I effort. Companies joining Phase II would submit data for safety events occurring after January 1, 2018. A related goal of the ISD is to provide a mechanism whereby participating companies can submit safety data in whatever format they currently use to minimize incremental effort on the company’s part.

One of the key benefits associated with submitting safety data directly to BTS for aggregation and review is that it addresses concerns related to protection of the data source information. SafeOCS, including the ISD, operates under a Federal law, the Confidential Information Protection and Statistical Efficiency Act of 2002 (CIPSEA), which requires that the program protect data submitter identity and treat reports confidentially. Information submitted under CIPSEA is also protected from release to other government agencies, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, and subpoena. Even regulatory agencies such as BSEE cannot have access to a submitter’s identity or report. In addition, the information from individual records cannot be used for enforcement purposes. CIPSEA is subject to strict criminal and civil penalties for noncompliance.

Once data are aggregated, BTS will analyze safety data reports submitted by companies involved in OCS activities. BTS will also work with subject matter experts to further analyze these reports to identify potential causal factors and trends. The results of these aggregated analyses will be distributed by BTS through public reports. Industry workshops will then be scheduled to allow operators, service companies, drilling contractors, regulators, and other stakeholders to discuss the results and share learnings.

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